Theme 2 Members

The DDRCC has three overall themes for the Center. These themes interact across disease-focused interest groups (for example, overlapping biological themes of microbial pathogenesis and enterohepatic signaling in intestinal (e.g., IBD) and hepatic (e.g., NAFLD/NASH). As a result, many members are affiliated with multiple thematic interest groups. In addition, research themes reflect mechanisms and pathways, rather than tissue-specific pathophysiology and are subject to regular review to ensure that they (1) reflect both current and emerging areas relevant to digestive disease; (2) adapt to members’ needs and (3) are aligned with institutional priorities and resources.

Below are the faculty members that fall into Theme 2. THEME 2: Stem cells, epithelial renewal, paligenosis & cancer

FULL MEMBERS of Theme 2:

Associate Members of Theme 2:

  • Rob Bose
  • William Chapman
  • Jason Held
  • Scott Hultgren
  • Cory Lavine