Enrichment Schedule

2021-2022 GI Research Conferences

Date Presenter Title
Satish Rao, MD, PhD
Augusta University, GA
13th Annual Ray E. Clouse Visiting Professor of Excellence
Title: Gas and Bloating
Location: Zoom
Time: 5:00PM
9/10/2021 ASW:
Rodney Newberry, MD
Deborah Rubin, MD
Darren Nix
Academic Skills Workshop

Update on the Biobank and Advanced Imaging and Tissue Analysis Cores of the Digestive Diseases Research Core Center

9/17/2021 Jeffrey Brown, MD, PhD A Sweet Way of Following Metaplastic Dedifferentiation
9/24/2021 Tarin Bigley, MD, PhD Linking Roseoloviruses and Autoimmune Gastritis: How Neonatal Infection Can Promote Autoimmunity
10/1/2021 Katherine Weilbaecher, MD Arginase 1: It’s Not Just a Liver Enzyme for Ammonia Regulation, it is Critical to Breast Cancer Immune Suppression
10/8/2021 Michael Thompson, MD, PhD Maternal Obesity and Developmental Programming of Liver Disease
Anna Mae Diehl, MD
Duke University
23rd Annual David H. Alpers Visiting Professorship
Title: Fixing Fatty Livers
Location: Zoom
Time: 8:00AM
10/15/2021 Gwendalyn Randolph, PhD Mechanisms That Limit Dissemination of Microbial and Inflammatory Signals from the Small Intestine
10/22/2021 Brian DeBosch, MD, PhD The Therapeutic Potential of Blocking Hepatocyte Hexose Transport
10/29/2021 Lori Holtz, MD, MSPH Transmission and Development of the Human Infant Gut Virome
11/5/2021 Siyan “Stewart” Cao, MD, PhD Mucosal Immunology in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
11/12/2021 ASW:
Matt Ciorba, MD
Jeff Miner, PhD
Academic Skills Workshop
Of Mice and Man: The DDRCC Precision Animal Models and Organoids Core
11/19/2021 Sayee Anakk, PhD
University of Illinois
DDRCC Virtual Visiting Speaker
Title: The Bile acid Signaling goes Scallywag
11/25/2021 Canceled Canceled
12/3/2021 Devesha Kulkarni, PhD Microbial Drivers of the Metabolically Unhealthy Obese Phenotype
Eileen Carpenter, MD, PhD
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
17th Annual Gregory J. Gurtner, MD, Memorial Lecture
Title: Developing a Human Pre-clinical Pipeline for Translational Pancreatic Cancer Research
Location: Zoom
Time: 12:00PM
12/17/2021 Deborah Rubin Stem Cell Regulation in Short Bowel Syndrome and Colon Carcinogenesis
12/24/2021 Canceled Canceled
12/31/2021 Canceled Canceled
1/7/2022 Arianne Theiss, PhD
University of Colorado
DDRCC Virtual Visiting Speaker

Title: Mitochondrial dysfunction as a driver of intestinal inflammation

1/14/2022 Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhD
Beth Israel Lahey Health
DDRCC Virtual Visiting Speaker
Title: Inflammation in Steatohepatitis: From Mechanisms to Therapeutic Targets
1/21/2022 John DiPersio, MD, PhD Off the Shelf CART for the Treatment of Hematologic Malignancies
1/28/2022 L. David Sibley, PhD Models for Studying the Enteric Pathogen Cryptosporidium
2/4/2022 Nicole Maloney Belle MD PhD
University of Pennsylvania
DDRCC Virtual Visiting Speaker
Title: Intestinal Repair Proteins: Friend, Foe, or Target?
2/11/2022 Mindy Engevik, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina
DDRCC Virtual Visiting Speaker
Title: Examining Microbe-Microbe Interactions in the Setting of Enteric Infection
2/18/2022 Rafael S. Czepielewski, Ph.D Lymphatic vessels in IBD – Balancing immunity, inflammation, and flow
2/25/2022 Nicholas Davidson, MD, DSc Impaired VLDL secretion promotes development of hepatocellular cancer
3/4/2022 Guangyong Peng, MD, PhD
St. Louis University
Targeting Senescent T Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment for Cancer Immunotherapy
3/11/2022 ASW TBD
3/18/2022 Richard DiPaolo, PhD
St. Louis University
Immune Cells and Cytokines That Regulate Gastritis and Gastric Metaplasia
3/25/2022 DDRCC PF Awardees
Scott McHenry, MD
Brigida Rusconi, PhD
4/1/2022 Martin Gregory
Quazim Alayo
4/8/2022 Canceled – Midwest Alliance Workshop
4/15/2022 Umang Jain TBD
4/22/2022 Theresa Alenghat, VMD, PhD
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
DDRCC Virtual Visiting Speaker
4/29/2022 Guangyong Peng, MD, PhD TBD
5/6/2022 Alison Simmons, MD, PhD
Oxford University
DDRCC Virtual Visiting Speaker
5/13/2022 TBD
5/20/2022 Canceled DDW 2022
5/27/2022 TBD
6/3/2022 Ryan Ungaro, MD
Mount Sinai
DDRCC Virtual Visiting Speaker
6/10/2022 TBD

Other lectures